shohei ♡

name: shohei miyashita
nicknames: sho, miya
age: 31
pronouns: he/him, trans masc
orientation: gay
status: single
occupation: bartender at the vanguard, clothes designer, tailor, jewelry maker
height: 6'10"
weight: 163 ponzes
birthplace: hingashi
nationality: hingan
current residence: shirogane
languages: hingan, eorzean common, some xaelic, some mix and matched trade languages and sign languages

about sho

traits: expressive, sociable, affectionate, adaptable, tactile, energetic, stubborn, sarcastic, impatient, hedonistic, crafty, blunt, protectivevoice: [voice claims coming soon]
scent: incense smoke, chocolate, coffee, tobacco
likes: making things with his hands, pretty clothes, outdoors, gardening, sparring and dancing, koi fish and foxes, cooking, stargazing, yelling at olzi, smoking his kiseru
dislikes: insincerity, bananas, malicious ignorance, interrupted sleep, being patronized/babied, having to share a kitchen, a messy living space
fun facts:
- sho is considered a kenjutsu master in hingashi, having spent his entire life training under the sekiseigumi of kugane. he favors the odachi, but is also proficient with a katana.


adopted before he was old enough to know what that meant, shohei was raised by a kugane merchant and his sekiseigumi husband. the two were wildly in love and shohei grew up basking in that love, never doubting that his fathers loved each other or that they loved him. a city child, through and through, shohei had free reign of kugane, mostly the market districts, a well known fixture as soon as he was old enough to be allowed to wander from his father's shop.when shohei wasn't underfoot in the shops, learning his father's trades in weaving, leather working, and smithing, he was with his otousan, learning the way of the sekiseigumi and of the samurai. all in all, it was a peaceful way to grow up, because even when hingashi closed its borders, kugane did not.and it was because of kugane's open borders that shohei was able to meet olziytomor orben, who despite their bumpy start, would go on to become shohei's best friend and partner in crime. it was with olzi that shohei set off from kugane to explore the rest of the star. (also with the understanding that he would help spread his father's business far and wide.)shohei and olzi have traveled the map separately and together and have recently come together once more to continue as partners in crime business. on the side of their club, the vanguard, shohei's taken to clothes designing with a renewed passion.

nsfw (18+)

Consent is always key. NSFW roleplay is only for those over the age of 18, will only happen within the game, and is entirely in character. No lalafells either. F-list (kink list) here.Shohei is a very tactile and sexual person. He loves to feel good, loves to make other people feel good, and if someone wants to watch him feel good, well, he's into that too.As far as attraction goes, Shohei is very much gay. He's attracted to men and nonbinary people. And he doesn't really have a type per se, though he does tend to lean towards folks who aren't afraid to get a little rough and tumble.Into more specifics, Shohei is submissive and, while the true breadth of his submission comes with trust, he's willing to put himself in the hands of someone he thinks may be able to handle him. With prior consent and discussion, of course.


yo, i'm matt. i'm a gay trans man somewhere around the age of 30. my character's views aren't always my own and any roleplay is always in character.i've been rping for... far too fucking long. i tend to match partners in post length, usually preferring paragraph or multi-para posts in present or past tense. third person pov always.i'm an omnihealer, omnitank, omnicrafter, and can cover each dps role. i'm almost always down to run content or to help out, just hit me up! (esp if that content is related to bozja and delubrum reginae!!!!!!!)feel free to reach out on discord: bamboozled#0015